I have a love for capturing timeless moments and empowering others with my work. I have been a self proclaimed photographer since I was honestly 10 years old, forcing my family members to model for me with any camera I could get my hands on. I decided to turn this passion of mine into a business when I was 16 years old and have been pursuing it ever since. 

Hello friends!






In my free time I love spending time with my husband Korey, my sister/best friend Karly and our dog Chunk! I also love to travel, drink coffee, binge tv shows, read, crochet, shop, swim & hang out with friends and family. I also love doing home projects and re-decorating our house!

I am from Texas City, TX. Korey and I moved away to Austin when we were 21 and from there lived in Dallas and Katy before purchasing our home down in Galveston County in 2019 to be closer to our family. Although we loved being back home, we still wanted to move around and explore living somewhere new again! We are relocating to Cincinnati, Ohio this summer!

I have experience in marketing, business development, graphic design and real estate! I am a very detail oriented self-taught guru when it comes to marketing & design. It all started with a hobby I had at the age of 14 when I decided to create a blog, now why did a 14 year old want a blog? Im honestly not sure, but I think it might have had something to do with my obsession with the OG beauty guru's on YouTube. (if you know, you KNOW) I ended up teaching myself some basic coding/graphic design and ever since I have always loved designing digital art and websites! 

I tend to wear multiple hats in my business so whatever you're in need of, I promise I got you!!


Get To Know Me

1. if i could live anywhere it would be:


italy , puerto rico, london or chicago

marg or deep eddy lem. w/water

2.when i was younger i wanted to be:

a. a vet
b. a designer
c. a surgeon
d. a teacher

7. my fav harry styles song is:

a. satellite 
c. complicated freak
d. keep driving

3. This or that:

sand or snow
nudes or colors
sunrise or sunset
movies or books
tea or coffee

4. My coffee order is:

blonde french vanilla latte w/ cold foam

5. my fav food is:

a.  chinese
b.  italian
c.  sushi
d. mexican

8. top 5 taylor swift albums

red, evermore, rep, folklore, speak now

9. This or that:

candid or posed
studio or outdoors
portrait or landscape
canon or nikon
moody or airy

10. my fav two seasons:

spring & fall

i blame
greys anatomy

feel like im your girl?

then let's do this!


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Kendall paige is a photographer, educator & lover of all things marketing serving Houston- gALVESTON COUNTY and the greater cincinnati area.