Application Tips

Be open and honest on your application! KPP is looking for outgoing, fun and creative individuals that are genuinely interested in meeting new people and forming new connections. While being comfortable in front of the camera is a quality we are looking for, as long as you are willing to put yourself out there and make friends Kendall can help you with your comfortability in front of the camera. This year there will be an option to submit an additional video application. This is highly recommended to stand out amongst other applicants! We do our best to get to know each applicant as much as possible and believe this will make that process easier. Do not rush your answers, take the time to make sure you thoroughly read through every question and answer to the best of your ability! KPP's main priority this year is trying to form a team with an even amount of girls from each school. This is in your control so if you know there are not as many people who know about the program at your school, we suggest asking friends to apply with you! While this will not hinder your chances of making the team it will help if we have at least 5 applicants from each school. 

There is not a location requirement to become a rep, however the majority of the group shoots will be in Houston or Galveston County so keep that in mind if you live outside of these areas!

If you would like to do the optional video submission you may film it ahead of time to get your application in early. Below are the requirements:
- Must be under 2 minutes
- A few facts about yourself
- List 2 reasons why you would like to be a KPP Rep


The Benefits

-5-7 Free Shoots
-Online Galleries for all of your shoots
-An opportunity to make money for every senior you refer to KPP
-First choice of dates for your individual senior shoots
-An opportunity to make new friends and memories
-15% off all print products through your gallery

Payment Obligations

As a rep, you will book the Deluxe Senior Package for your individual senior photos.
The Deluxe Senior Package Includes:
1 Fall & 1 Spring Shoot
1.5-2 hrs Each
50-100 Images Each
2-3 Locations Each
3-4 Outfits Each
$1,200 total before tax

Payment Outline:
$200 Retainer Due on 5/1/24
$500 Due on the date of your Fall Shoot (aug-dec)
$500 Due on the date of your Spring Shoot (jan-may)

You will NOT pay for the group shoots. There will be 5-7 free shoots throughout your time as a rep. All of the shoots are optional to attend with the exception of the first promo shoot in the summer. The only cost of being a rep is for your individual senior photos.

*fall and spring is broken down by semesters so fall is considered aug-dec and spring is considered jan-may*

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